Our Team

Founder/Managing Partner

Steven G. Smith

Steve has extensive experience in a number of businesses over 4 decades. His experiences provided a solid foundation for optimizing planning and investments and he committed over 11 years ago to focus on individuals who need to make business decisions regarding their personal lives. To that end he has furthered his education in retirement planning and Medicare options that ensure that his clients meet their objectives just as efficiently as any business might.

In his second decade of customer service Steve has helped hundreds of clients find the best possible ways to meet their financial objectives especially where it concerns decisions with claiming strategies for Social Security, Medicare and Retirement Planning. As a Certified Financial Fiduciary, Steve always does what is in the best interest of his clients without consideration to any Companies, products, services, or purchases. “Success is when the client makes the right decision for them”.

A large focus has been on the very difficult and complex strategies for retirement planning and he has been educating people in that field for COFE (Council of Financial Educators) pro bono in numerous settings including libraries where the focus is on providing a general understanding of Social Security. To that end he has committed to continuous education in both areas so others may understand their options and ensure they receive the most benefit from the options they choose.

Steve and his wife Lynn have been married over 40 years, lived in Wallingford, Ct. most of that time and raised three children and are now grandparents.

Partner/Office Manager

Samantha Smith

Samantha’s many years of customer service management made her particularly well suited to take on the day to day leadership and operations of a busy financial advisory practice. She has always loved helping people with any scenario that may arise and now enjoys helping people make the very best decision for their retirement planning needs. The last five years, she also has been overseeing and handling the daily operations of the office, in addition to taking care of all scheduling of live in-person events and workshops. A lifelong resident of central CT, she now resides in Southington, CT.

Licensed Insurance Broker

Rick Claxton

Rick has always had an intrinsic interest in financial and retirement planning, having opened his very first retirement account before graduating college. After college Rick enlisted in the Army National Guard as a combat medic, shortly thereafter being recommended for Officer training. All the while, Rick maintained his interest in the financial world. So much so, that during his deployment to the Middle East as a Field Artillery Officer, his platoon gave him the call sign “Wall Street.” As a platoon leader, Rick mentored his soldiers and encouraged them all to make smart money decisions and to plan for their future. Rick has always had an interest in customer service and putting his clients’ needs first. His military training and combat experience has given him the ability to formulate strong plans based on calculated decisions in complex environments. This experience has prepared him to navigate through the needs of his clients in order to formulate a solid plan with a strong foundation. Rick thoroughly enjoys meeting with clients and evaluating and creating strategies for their Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement Planning.

Rick also stresses retirement planning education and conducts pro bono training for COFE (Council of Financial Educators) to increase community awareness of the options for retirement and to ensure benefits are maximized to their fullest potential.

Rick currently serves as a Major in the Army National Guard. He, his wife Abby, daughter Zoe, son Carter and dog Sadie live in Wallingford.